Holographic Soul Reading and Clearing

Holographic Soul Reading and Clearing


Please read the Working With Me page before making any bookings.


A Holographic Soul Reading and Clearing from me is the first entry point allowing me to assist you in removing blocks and restrictions stopping you from expanding into your original blueprint.  This work will help you navigate the negative energies that impact our lives.

This work is intense energetic work and I only choose to work with those who are dedicated to the path of their spiritual journey.  After I do your Soul Reading and Clearing, you will be given a 21 day process to go through that allows everything to be repaired or removed.  This is where your work comes into it - this involves a daily 15 minute process to help clear and anchor the work that has been done in your record.  Dedication to your spiritual work is a must.  If you feel like it's time for you to embrace your Soul's work, and to peel back the layers that hold you back from your Divinity then I would love to work with you and help you step into your full power as the sovereign creator of your experience.

If you choose to work with me I will always do my best to support your journey so I ask that you tune in to yourself and feel if you resonate with me. If you do I would love to take this journey with you and share as many keys and codes with you as possible.

When your booking is made I ask for some details like FULL name at birth, FULL name now (if different), date of birth and place of birth so I can locate you in the Akashic Records. 

You will then be sent a link to videos I've created explaining everything you could find in your report. This is where I explain the energy behind all the things I look for and how it can impact your life. I've found by explaining these things it empowers you to make changes in your life so these energies don't keep impacting you in a negative way.

I then add you to my waiting list and while you are waiting the videos are available to watch in your own time.  These will help you to understand your report more easily when it is sent to you.

Most people get their report within two weeks or sooner, I will let you know if more than two weeks is required.

Once I have done your Soul Reading and Clearing, I will email you the report and your 21 day process with a password for you to enter into the Holographic Tribe Members area. Here you will be supported by me via videos and you will also be able to purchase a variety of other work I offer just to Tribe members.  Some of these include Group Healing Sessions, Personal Healing, 2nd Layer Clearings, courses teaching you to connect with your guidance and other amazing energy courses.  


*I first find out what Soul group you are from

*Your energy centers

*If you have any sphere's of protection 

*I look at your connection to your Higher Self

*I find out your main life lesson or theme as well as the minor lessons or themes so you are aware of them and how to live in the positive polarity of your theme.

*If you have any damage stopping you from accessing your Vital Force Energy

*How many spirit guides you have (and I make sure they are working in your highest good)

*I look for any tears in your energy body that would be leaking your Vital Force Energy

*I find out your soul vibration

*I look for any entity attachments or other negative energy like psychic hooks, psychic knives, psychic arrows, psychic attack, and many more...

*I look for contracts that are no longer in your highest good

*I look for negative UNJUSTIFIED karma

*I find out if you have any missing soul facets

*I look for negative portalways open to the astrals, past lives or parallel timelines

*I look for any curses, spells, pacts, bindings and much more from past lives or this present one

*I look for vows that are still in your record that no longer serve your highest good

*I also look for negative etheric implants. These are what keep us plugged into the fake Matrix and they keep us from expanding into our true greatness.  They are a highly advanced non physical technology used by negative forces to harness our Vital Force Energy.

*I also ask if there is anything else I need to do while in your Akashic Record.  Sometimes I am guided to do a healing for physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

So much love to you!