Hi my name is Paula.  I am an intuitive healer, psychic, entity buster, spiritual mentor, spirit guide coach, soul purpose coach, workshop facilitator, energy trainer, and speaker. I help people remember and expand into their original Soul Blueprint by navigating and clearing the interference we collectively experience at this time. One way I do this is by offering Soul Readings and Clearings where I tap into your Akashic Records and map your Soul Blueprint in order to find the energetic root causes to issues and to find blocks and restrictions blocking you from creating the life you want.

I focus on assisting spiritual seekers in living their Divine soul blueprint within the human experience. I have taught and worked with people from all around the world and have created a amazing online tribe called The Holographic Tribe where people can come together from all around the world for support and share their magic through this shift we are going through.

I am also an intuitive business coach who specialises in working with conscious entrepreneurs to take their dreams and business to a new level while being in alignment to their Divine Soul Blueprint.

I am here to help people:

1) Remember who they are at Soul level.

2) Unplug from the fake matrix that farms humanity and keeps us asleep.

3) Help reconnect people with their inner guidance system as well as their spiritual support team.

4) Get clear on their purpose.

5) And step up and into their Divine Soul Blueprint.

There is a shift from 4th dimensional consciousness into 5th dimensional consciousness happening RIGHT NOW. We are going through a planetary evolution from the Information Age into the Wisdom Age. 

Our job as humans on this planet at this time is to align our thoughts and actions to who we are at Soul level in order to express our Divinity. 

Many people feel as though they don't belong here and struggle to put together the jigsaw pieces of why they are here. Thats where I can help :)  For any new client a Soul Reading and Clearing is required before many of my other services are available.  

If you a feeling the call I look forward to working with you. So much love


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